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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does my property extend to the edge of the pavement? No, your local government owns a portion of property on each side of the pavement for maintenance of and improvements to the street and utilities.
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Are the wood stakes placed by land surveyors property corners? No, These stakes are placed to inform you that your corner monument is nearby. The actual property corner is a metal rebar, pipe or concrete monument with a surveyor's cap or washer.
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Is a survey a legal representation of your property only if certified by the stamp and signature or a registered Land Surveyor? Yes, The stamp should show the State of Washington surveyor's name and survey number. The legal signature of the surveyor should accompany the stamp.

More disputes arise over land boundaries from these three causes than anything else:
  • Failure to research records sufficiently to discover all of the recorded facts.
  • Failure to search thoroughly enough to discover the correct original position of pertinent monuments located to perform the boundary survey.
  • Ambiguity of words supplied in legal descriptions. Words such as "due north" etc. can cause the legal description to have more that one meaning, making it difficult to determine the location of property corners.

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